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Les’ paintings include figures from the past as well as the present, and the first set of photographs (A01-06) show paintings of Historic Figures that he produced for an exhibition celebrating Captain Cook’s landing in Australia in 1770. The background scenes for his paintings are taken from the North Yorkshire coast where Captain Cook was born, and include the village of Staithes, where he first saw the sea, and the ancient harbour of Whitby, where his ship Endeavour was built. The figures seen in the paintings are wearing traditional ‘fisher-folk’ clothes and are involved in activities typical of that period. Les’ exhibition was presented in Brisbane, Australia to coincide with Expo 88, the Bicentenary Celebration of the European Settlement of Australia. The small number of paintings shown here is a fraction of those that were placed on display at the exhibition in Brisbane. Although the paintings that follow next focus on contemporary, rather than historic, figures, they are still very much concerned with showing people taking part in everyday activities. Having said this, the first group of paintings (B01-07) focuses on more active figures than the second (C01-17) where the prime focus is on reclining and relaxing figures. By using the tags within this gallery you may access each group of figures separately. You will also find an introduction to each group of paintings in the ‘description’ to be found in the first painting within each group (A01, B01, C01).

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